Monday, January 07, 2013

The Life of Pi Review

Went to see The Life of Pi yesterday. Have had one fun time trying to see it. The first day we went, All the features were sold out because of the heat. The second time (yesterday) we got there and just prior to buying our tickets I realized I'd forgotten my glasses. Great! So, back home to fetch glasses and then back to go to the later showing. Finally!

Really enjoyed the movie. Ang Lee did a wonderful job. I was really concerned as to how any film would be able to get across the depth of symbolism or story dichotomy that made the book so good. But I was surprised and pretty well pleased.

The visual affects are stunning. I do believe the 'second story' should not have just been spoken (it was a bit difficult to hear what the boy was saying and it was SO important!). I believe it should've been depicted (perhaps in shorter sequence). That's how you experience it in the book and the rawness of reality is chilling compared to the beauty of symbolism. This becomes a key factor for every reader.

But unfortunately films are limited to time and for the time Ang Lee had to work with he did an very good job. That said, I would recommend that anyone read the book before seeing the movie - or at the very least, after seeing the movie. It is an extremely thought provoking journey.

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