Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Return of the Gulls - mystery, suspense, romance, paranormal

My novel, Return of the Gulls, is out now! Here's a bit about it:

RETURN OF THE GULLS, Book 1 of Stacey Christian and Peter Mansfield paranormal super sleuths series by Maureen McMahon:

Stacey Christian unexpectedly runs into her ex-boyfriend, Peter Mansfield, while touring Ireland. They join forces to help solve the puzzles surrounding Faoilenn Màrrach – Gull Castle.

Stacy travels to County Mayo – to Belderrig, a little fishing village on the coast. Peter joins her, and together they confront Peter's formidable great-aunt Katherine O'Flannery, a reclusive woman feared by the locals.

Finding herself implacably installed in Aunt Katherine's eerie fortress, Stacey becomes obsessed with the castle's disturbing legends. Peter is put to work in his capacity as financial advisor, sorting out the castle’s expense records for his aunt. This leaves Stacey to follow her own leads to solving the mystery of the ghost that walks the halls of Gull Castle.

Having to parry the attentions of the castle's handsome but disturbing groom, Liam Glenshaw, avoid the dark jealousy of Glenshaw's scorned girlfriend, Margaret, and side-step the frightening old gate-keeper, Jimmy, Stacy soon finds herself in over her head.

With help from locals, and especially a young boy named Danny, she uncovers a tangle of intrigue that goes deeper than she’d ever expected. Faced with murder and betrayal, Stacy and Peter ultimately find themselves fighting against time in a struggle for survival.

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